10 Tasty and Healthy Treats That Birds Love

The sharing of a dinner with your pet can be a fantastic bonding time But did you know that it also benefits the health of your pet?

A lot of bird diets are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals they require which can result in many serious health issues.

Giving your bird a balanced diet doesn’t have to be expensive or lengthy. If you think your bird deserves a treat you can serve one of these nutritious and simple choices that are packed with delicious flavors and nutrients.


Mango, pomegranate and cantaloupe, bananas, or apples: It’s up to you but it’s also about the kind of fruit your birds like. It’s almost any fruit that you can imagine can be beneficial to birds’ diet. Delicious and full of nutrients, they are an excellent source of vitamins and are the most popular among the majority of pets’ birds.


Beans are an excellent source of protein-rich vegetables and a great food source of fiber for your bird, which keeps its digestive system functioning smoothly. You can boil a 15-bean soup mix with no added seasoning. Let the beans cool, then serve the bird a scoop. There is a good chance that this will end up being an instant hit with your pet bird.


Do you enjoy alfalfa sprouts in your salad? They might be a favorite of your bird too. The ability to sprout properly inside your home isn’t hard in the least! Make sure you thoroughly clean the sprouts you feed your pet. They may have come in contact with pesticides on their journey from your garden to the local grocery store and you do not want to pass on these poisons to your pet. Planting your own sprouts can be a great method to provide the freshest, most nutritious food to your pets.


Wildlife birds consume a wide variety of veggies in their natural habitats, and it follows that fresh vegetables are great for the birds who share their space too. Offer your pet cleanly washed and rinsed greens, squash in yellow, or even greens the next time you prepare these vegetables in your kitchen. Other popular choices for avian pets include kale, carrots, peas, and root vegetables.


It doesn’t matter if it’s cooked or raw it’s a favorite of birds. It’s a good thing, it’s packed with energy-enhancing carbs! You can boil some bowtie noodles with vegetables, and serve it to your pet when cool. If your pet enjoys having its pasta crunchy, then fill some raw macaroni noodles with nuts for an exciting and delicious treat.


It’s true that pets love snacking on popcorn. It is possible to serve your pet with either pop or unpopped kernels. If you decide to serve the popcorn in its unpopped state then boil the kernels for an hour by soaking them in water that softens the hard hulls. If you want to, you can pop the kernels in your bird with a tiny amount of coconut.

Cereal or Grains

Grain farmers are often upset when large flocks of wild birds visit their crops to feast. A hungry flock of birds can eat a field of grain in a matter of minutes. Grains are very nutritious and suitable for birds. They provide nutritional benefits that other foods can’t. Whole grains are a great source of protein and essential nutrients as well as beneficial carbohydrates. Serve your bird oats or quinoa with your bird, or Grain Bake and let the frenzied eating begin!


Nuts are extremely beneficial for birds that share your home. Walnuts in particular offer a wealth of nutrients that aren’t that are found among other nuts. They’re also delicious and many birds enjoy their special treats or as natural foraging toys. A lot of birds spend their time practicing the teeth or jaw muscles by rubbing the shells of various varieties, attempting to crack them open. If they come across one that they can’t open, offer them a hand and then use a nutcracker for assistance in breaking the shells.


While humans aren’t the only ones who have difficulty eating spicy foods but birds can tolerate the heat. It appears that bird friends do not have the taste sense receptors that can detect the pepper’s stinging taste which makes them a popular choice for birds from all over the globe. Give your pet a delicious fresh banana, chili, or jalapeno pepper, and observe it chew the seeds and meat inside.

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