10 Top Friendly Pet Bird Species

The ideal pet bird, particularly for those who are new to the hobby, is affectionate gentle, and is a great pet. These qualities are crucial for those with limited bird knowledge. It’s much easier to connect with and take care of animals with an unnaturally warm disposition as opposed to one that’s cautious or hostile. Here are the ten most sociable species of bird which are generally great companions.


With a growing popularity all over the world, budgies (also called parakeets) are among the most beloved pet birds, and with good reason. If properly handled and looked after the birds are extremely loving and friendly. In addition to being tiny and relatively low-maintenance can be trained well and are able to master various bird tricks that are fun which includes talking. Budgies are great for those who are new to bird-keeping.


The beautiful cockatiel is also an excellent choice for those looking for a warm and loving pet bird. Originating from Australia These birds make wonderful pets when fed by hand as infants and raised in an environment that is positive. Although they aren’t taught to speak, cockatiels are exceptionally smart. They can whistle quite well and can mimic everyday household sounds like phones, doorbells, and microwaves. Cockatiels are great for children.


If you’re looking for a larger pet animal that is friendly and loving, a cockatoo might be an excellent option. They bond extremely deeply with their caregivers and would like to spend time with them every day. It is essential to have ample time to socialize with your pet. Cockatoos are prone to depression when they don’t get enough time and attention. They may use feather plucking or other destructive behavior. They’re better suited for more experienced bird owners than novices.

Hyacinth Macaw

They are also known as “gentle giants” Hyacinth macaws are among the most massive of parrots. As sociable and social animals, they want nothing more than to spend time with their owners. Because of their size, it’s not easy for many homeowners to provide adequate housing for them. However, those who are able to accommodate their needs will be rewarded with a wonderful friendship with their feathered companion. Hyacinth macaws work best for bird lovers who are experienced.


It’s hard to imagine a dove as an affectionate pet bird However, domesticated, human-fed doves are exceptionally soft and sweet. They won’t bite and those who have no experience with birds generally are able to train and connect with doves. They love their caregivers and their company, but will generally not require a lot of attention.


The birds are sexy and easy to handle Parrotlets are renowned for their personalities that are much bigger than their small bodies. People who are considering adopting parrots must be able to play and bond with their pets since they can turn somewhat wild when they are not handled regularly. However, those who play daily with their parrots can usually form solid bonds with these adorable small creatures. They’re great for people who are new to birds.

Green-Cheeked Conure

They are native to South America, and green-cheeked conures enjoy spending time in the company of their caregivers. In nature, they are playful, smart, and occasionally naughty birds. However, when compared with other species of conures they tend to be more peaceful and mellow. They rarely develop conversational skills, however, their charismatic personalities are more than enough for them to be fun and enthralling friends.

Hahn’s Macaw

They are also native to South America, Hahn’s macaws are the tiniest of macaws. They have a lot of character within their tiny bodies. They’re intelligent and fun animals that are calm when properly handled and socialized. They prefer spending as many interactions with their caregivers as much as they can and may become depressed if they feel neglected. They are also noisy, although some get quite good at talking. Hahn’s macaws are a good choice for bird lovers who have experience.

Eclectus Parrot

In the rainforests of the Solomon Islands, the eclectic parrot has a striking dimorphism. That’s because males and females appear distinct; males have bright green eyes while females appear red. The large parrots are well-behaved and intelligent but prefer to live in a house with a minimum of noise and activity since they can be easily stressed by disturbances and noise. They thrive on lots of companionship and routine daily routines, but. Eclectus parrots are able to speak, but they aren’t as loud as other species of parrots.


The sweet, sultry males’ soaring is friendly birds that are a species of finch that is native to islands in the Canary Islands. They are sociable and intelligent tiny birds that are taught to sit comfortably in the hands of their owners and are simple to handle and are a great bird for a beginner. They do not like the use of a lot of force they are a fan of gentle strokes and attention.

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