7 Hybrid Cats Breeds

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Seven hybrid cat breeds to take a look at if you are looking for an animal that is unique in appearance. It features wild-looking spots and stripes and big eyes, as well as other distinctive features that are different from domestic cats. Hybrid cat breeds are developed by combining a domestic cat crossed with an unromanticized and wild breed.

This type of breeding can be conducted in order to create more wild colors, patterns, and other physical characteristics or to blend the traits of a person’s personality as well as other traits of wild and domestic cats.

Breed Characteristics

Certain hybrid cat breeds are more active and mischievous than others, however, they all have wild natures. The first, second, and occasionally even the third generation of hybrid cats are likely to exhibit more wild characteristics than the later ones therefore pet owners looking to acquire an exotic cat breed must know this. A greater amount of physical and mental stimulation is required for the earlier generations.
Here are seven cat hybrid breeds that have increased in popularity over time.

Bengal Cat

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Bengal cats, which should not be mistaken for Bengal Tigers are a breed of cat that has mingled cats from the Asian leopard with a variety of domestic cats, particularly those of the Egyptian Mau. The cats are well-known for their wild-looking spots as well as marbling. However, they also enjoy the water and possess human-like characteristics. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy retinal atrophy and pyruvate kinase deficiencies are three illnesses that Bengal cats could be predisposed to develop.

Savannah Cat

A bit taller than a larger Bengal Cat, Savannah cats are also recognized as hybrid cats with spotted spots which are renowned for their distinctive appearance. They are an amalgamation of serval and domestic cat and is the biggest breed of registered and recognized cat breed for pets. Certain states and cities have laws prohibiting the possession of Savannah cats, particularly older generations However, the majority of states recognize them as domesticated animals.


Chausies are a mix of domestic cats and jungle cats. They are naturally playful animals who are a pleasure to have around pets, cats as well as people and are extremely social. Chausies are designed for jumping and running. They frequently resemble Abyssinian cats. However, different hybrids may be at risk of developing



person holding gray tabby cat while lying on bed
In contrast to other hybrids, unlike other hybrids, the Serengeti is an interbreeding of two domestic cat breeds: the Bengal cat and the Oriental shorthair. They are slimmer than their Bengal counterparts, but they have their exotic, streaked coat. the objective for this cat breed is to appear like a Savannah cat without relying on the wild cat breed. They are extremely athletic and agile and have the vocal traits that they have in their Oriental shorthair ancestral ancestors.


If you love spots, you’ll be a fan of cheetah cats. The newer hybrid cat breed came about by merging the Bengal cat with the ocicat to create a calm but wild-looking cat. The hybrid cat is a large-bodied cat that is said to be friendly with other animals as well as humans. Cheetahs aren’t as common as Bengal or Savannah however it is gaining popularity because of their striking coloring.


If you’re looking for stripes without having a pet tiger, then an animal toy could be what you’re seeking. The breed was developed through the cross of two Bengal cats with domestic tabby cats This breed is a friendly cat and extremely capable of being trained. As with other purebred cats Toygers are prone to heart disease, but they are extremely playful and make excellent house cats, even though they’re not as popular as Bengals.


It is generally believed to be an amalgamation of two domestic cats, pixiebobs are believed to be the only hybrid cat that might be a natural phenomenon. Like bobcats too, pixie-bobs also have short or bobbed tails and ears that have hair tufts. They can make chirping noises. They generally have polydactyl toes.

A variety of cats that are hybrids can be known as domestic cats. However, like purebred cats, each breed is recognized for its own distinctive characteristics. Doing research on each breed before taking the decision to care for it is essential for every cat owner, regardless of whether you’re contemplating the hybrid.

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