Can Cats Eat Apples?

Apples are among the most loved fruits and can be found virtually everywhere. They come in many varieties There’s an apple to suit all tastes. However, are apples as nutritious for cats as they are for humans? What are you conscious of before giving your cat an apple?

Are Apples Safe for Cats?

Apples can be thought of as an excellent food source but there are some factors to be considered before giving apples to the cat. The leaves, stems and seeds of an apple are all containing amygdalin, a chemical. The chemical releases cyanide, an extremely dangerous chemical in the bloodstream when it is processed. But, because it releases it in so small quantities, one must ingest anywhere between 83 and 500 apple seeds in order to get poisoning with cyanide. However, it’s ideal for you as well as your cat to avoid eating the seeds, as well as any stems or leaves.

It’s also crucial to remember that cats are carnivores who are obligate. Apples don’t contain any significant amounts of protein and aren’t a source of taurine in any way. Cats are unable to synthesize taurine alone and hence need it in their diet. Apples are also rich in fiber. Although fiber can aid your cat to overcome an episode of diarrhea, however, excessive amounts of fiber may cause stomach upset. While they may consume apples, it is best to give the fruit to your cat in moderate quantities.

Furthermore, there was a study of cats that investigated the digestion in dried apple pomace in particular. Dry apple pomace is a product of the processing of apples which produces cider juice, vinegar, and. The study found that dried apple pulp actually reduced the digestibility of the protein found in a cat’s diet, which points towards the possibility that whole apples make it difficult for the cat’s ability to absorb protein from their food.

The study did not study raw, whole apples. Furthermore, because the ingredients in food may be bioavailable in different amounts depending on the method by which it is prepared, apples that are prepared differently could not have an adverse impact on the digestion of protein.

What Kind of Apples Can Cats Eat?

Cats don’t have receptors that taste sweetness, so they don’t have a distinct preference for different kinds of sweets like us. However, that doesn’t mean every variety is suitable to taste. The sweeter ones will be more sugary which is something your cat can certainly avoid. Sugar in excess could also trigger stomach irritation and other problems if your cat suffers from an individual with diabetes.

Safe Ways to Feed Apples to Your Cats

Explore any fall event and you’ll get motivated to cook apples in many different ways. If it’s for your cat, however, apples aren’t all equally healthy. A tiny piece of raw apple is fine to let your feline chew on. Cooked apples are easier to digest and chew however, a large portion of apples that are cooked for human consumption also contain added sugars and spices that are not as nutritious for cats. Dry apples, apple juice as well as candy apples, are rich in sugars and should be kept away from them.

Apples are a popular food item in many homes. If your cat seems to be curious the next time you’re eating this nutritious fruit you can give them a small portion.

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