Top 10 Trainable Pet Birds

Birds are extremely intelligent and certain species are believed to be highly capable of being trained. Many bird owners love the relationship a trained bird is able to have with them, so species that excel at learning are the ideal pet for those seeking that kind of chance.

Certain birds that can be trained can be large however size does not mean the ability to speak or play tricks. Small and large birds are able to perform a variety of tasks. Take a look at our list of most trainable pets to identify the bird species that best suits your needs.


Macaws are indigenous to Central as well as South America and they are among the largest pet birds. They’re also among the most intelligent. The colorful parrots are social, enjoy spending time with their owner, and are able to speak or perch, mimic and perform a range of other activities. Macaws can also be loud and require lots of space to fly around which is why they’re not the best choice for every house, however.

African Grey Parrots

A well-known African grey with the name of Alex has made this species famous for its ability to train. African greys are easily taught to talk and mimic sounds and with rigorous training, they may even master counting and colors. They need a lot of mental and social stimulation. Training sessions are a great way to connect with your pet African grey, while also providing the bird with enrichment.

Amazon Parrots

There are many varieties of subspecies of Amazon parrots All of them are extremely capable of being trained birds. The slender birds are often described as having challenging personalities, however, they are also extremely intelligent and social. The constant attention of their owners is frequently demanded and they love engaging toys for their brains and training sessions.


Cockatoos have not only a lot of fun, they’re also very capable of being trained. They all sport a distinct head crest that is visible on top of their heads which they can be seen holding up for various reasons like fear, excitement, and even anger. In some cases, they’ll raise their crests as they perform an exercise as they’re having a blast.


The species is native to Australia The budgerigars are small however, they are mighty birds because their size doesn’t limit their ability to talk or to perform tricks. The budgies, as they are often referred to are able to learn as many as 200 words. Since they are small they’re not nearly as noisy as their larger counterparts. They don’t occupy the same amount of space, are also cheaper in comparison to larger species, and can be easily available for purchase from pet shops. All of these aspects make budgerigars one of the most sought-after species of bird breeders.

Mynah Birds

Many times, it is referred to as the most intelligent bird on the planet Mynah birds are probably the most trained pet bird available. Mynahs aren’t frequently considered pets like other birds however they are available from breeders who are selective. They require lots of mental stimulation and space to roam, but they can be easy to handle if you decide to take care of the one you have chosen to keep. very intelligent birds..


Sometimes, it is overlooked for its ability to train because of its popularity in pet shops, the cockatiel actually a highly intelligent tiny bird. It’s a bit bigger than the budgerigar. It can quickly learn to mimic and speak and perform simple tricks. This is why the cockatiel has become a popular alternative for those who want the appearance of a cockatoo but not the size and commitment.



There are numerous species of conures but the majority are known to be socially active and quick learners. Similar to other species, younger conures can be less difficult to train, however, they do enjoy using their feet to grab things and some may learn to do special tricks. Conures aren’t great at speaking however even if you’re not in search of an animal that is chatty they are small to medium-sized birds that can be taught to do a variety of other tasks.

Indian Ringnecks

They are known for their distinctive necklaces, Indian ringneck parrots have higher-pitched voices than other species and are extremely capable of being trained. Ringnecks aren’t likely to start talking until close to one-year-old age, but once they start they can become extremely good talking birds. They are also able to play with tricks of all kinds and also enjoy learning sessions with their owners.


Eclectus parrots are renowned for their astonishing sexual dimorphism, but they also have the potential to be highly trained birds. These vibrant parrots excel in their ability to talk and learn. This means they will quickly learn to do or say something you can teach them. However, like species of birds, they can also learn from themselves. This means that you’ll have to be sure not to repeat or reinforcement of any unwelcome behavior or words.

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